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Sunday, April 7, 2013

DOTA MANA BARS Patched (All Version, 12/3/13)

Updated:  (12/3/13)

This is a permanent Warcraft was blue-tools (magic bar Show the MP / ManaBars), support Warcraft 1.20a/ e and 1.24b/c/d/e of and 1.25b and 1.26a, a single patch you can always  has a significant blue bars for mana. Support all the current mainstream platform Holdfast, VS, QQ, AA , etc. ... * the program is a single installation method that you can always use. Very convenient and worth collecting!

2.3 update log (update) :
1. Fixed part of the user will be prompted to win7 Warcraft 1.26a does not support version (support WarcraftIII 1.26a - fix)
2. Modified the color of the blue bar changes from dark blue to light blue, easier to see clearly. (manabars dark blue to light blue)

2.2 Update log (update) :
1.  Run the program automatically and it will reads the main program of Warcraft (auto read installed path), updated support for Warcraft 1.26a (support Warcraft III 1.26a)

Software Fuction : 

The Show ManaBars in Warcraft III, of the support 1.20a / e and 1.24b/c/d/e and Version 1.25b and 1.26a of Warcraft III support Garena

* This procedure only once installed, You CAN always use.

*THIS DOES NOT SUPPORT WINDOWS 8 (32/64), but You can always tried on your own. Who Knows It might Work.



1. Run the WarBlue.Exe
2. Select English Language.
3. Locate Your war3.exe  in your warcraft folder. By default the program will search it automatically.
4. click Install
5. Enjoy!