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Friday, April 5, 2013

MEEPO HOTKEY 1.8 (12/3/13)

(updated: 12/3/13)

Features : 1, a key Qi Fudge 4 dogs Fei Qi the 5 dogs Qi fly 2, a key to jump knife + Fudge 3, a key N dogs Qi nets to support more than change the key tools to operate simultaneously and independently of each other.

Update log (2013/03/11):

1. Optimized change key reform key to adapt to more environmental ( New )
2. Fixed with some platform change key conflict issues ( New )
3. to modify a key nets interval delay from 1.5 seconds to 1 second ( New )

Update log (2012/03/15):

1. Modify the key nets into the interval
2. Added a key operation nets can press [Esc] to cancel

DotA Geomancer change keys (MeepoKey), a dedicated change the key, and allows you to better manipulate multiple puppies (Geomancer), powerful one-button operation flying your hands. And of this dedicated changed key also joined the Gaga the of Warcraft assistant and WarKey the change key does not affect the chat with the intelligent judgment. What are you waiting for? Download to try to understand! To learn more, please add QQ exchange group: 46076636

Note: change key class tools for modifying the keyboard operation.