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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Garena Master v.2.32 Released

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As part of the website update we're including the Garena Master in our Collections. And hopefully those who are IP banned or cant directily access the main page can benefit from this.


Garena Master is an open source Garena hack project which removes all the restrictions from Garena gaming client. Garena Master hack project was originally started by Darksupremo but there are many people who contributed in it's development. With this, you can hack Garena with no limits. It works on the latest Warcraft III patch 1.26a too.

Features list
  •     Map Hack - with many features (manabars, true color, show hp/mp regen/speed) maphack works on all W3 versions
  •     Name spoofer
  •     Removes 5 seconds wait while joining rooms
  •     Auto-joiner feature
  •     Host hack
  •     Removes 'Room is Full' error message,
  •     Allows flood in room chat.
  •     Exact Ping View
  •     Removes MH / CK detection
  •     Removes Warcraft protection, so your MH/CK will work properly.
  •     Leave room while playing
  •     EXP Hack [Basic Member 150xp / 15min | Gold Member 300xp / 15min in 3 clients.]
  •     Admin-Menu-Hack (Trace-IP works, some other functions are server-sided)
  •     Auto-hides room's ads.
  •     Styles: styles are not really hacks. It just client sided
    • Super Admin Style
    • League Admin Style
    • Premium Style
    • Platinum Style
    • Gold Member Style
  •     and many more...
2.32 Changelog:
- Removed server “″ that is not working anymore! 
For Older version info: Click Here



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