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Friday, April 5, 2013

DOTA FOG CLICK DETECTOR (Anti MapHack. 12/3/13)


(update 12/3/13)

This PROGRAM detects fogclicks from players this would determine if the player is using MapHack or not sometimes it got delay if the hero clicks another unit that is visible in map and directly goes to fog.

 It must be a suspicious like fogclicking a hero in opponents base or in neutral camps.

When a map hacker click you on a fog, a red circle around your character appears indicating someone is MAP hacking.


How to Use:

1. Download and Extract then Put it in your warcraft folder
2. Start your Warcraft 3
3. Play your game.
4. Then it will now detect if there are any fogclicks
5. Enjoy!

Note* If you got an error , simply remove the file that you just put in your warcraft folder . and try download again.